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Best USB/PDIF converter for Berkeley alpha dac

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According to Berkeley they will release the converter by the end of the year.

They have had some issues with suppliers, as well as personal matters.


I`m personally gonna wait, though i have lusted for the ART legato for some time.


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wait is not a word i like so much ... for the moment i use the alpha with a Maudio transit and his optical input. and the sound is good but a little flat and dry .


that 's why i must choose the most "natural sounding" USB converter soon or i will sold the berkeley for sure..


for the moment the easiest to find here in europe will be the halide bridge and the hiface evo at the same price..


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I'm going from memory but something to consider is that the Hiface Evo goes to 192 and the Halide just 96. I haven't heard either, but I suspect the Evo sounds similar to my jkeny Hiface which sounds good. I've read lots of good stuff about the Halide too. I don't doubt I'll pick up Berkeley's interface when it's ready. Where do I sell my growing collection of interfaces???


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Has some pretty good reviews everywhere.

Since you did not mention price...


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Extract From E-Mail - Michael Ritter at Berkeley Audio Design:


"We are currently developing an external USB2 to AES3 converter that will provide up to 192 kHz, 24 bit signals to the Alpha DAC with very high noise isolation and very low jitter. It will function asynchronously, work with Macs and PC’s"


"We deliberately do not have a USB or FireWire input on the Alpha DAC due to the noise it would introduce from the computer"


Just my opinion - it should be worth the wait.




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Using a FW 400 4 pin plug will eliminate the noise. A USB jack can be used also, if the power wire is not connected. I am sure the results will be at least as good as the converters.





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