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Can Time Machine do this, or is there anything else?


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I am getting annoyed with my Mac at the moment as I cannot find a simple piece of back up software.

Time Machine looks great, but I don't know what's happening behind all the cover flow.


I do not store anything on the Mini - it is fed from a 1TB Firewire drive containing music, vid and photo, approx. 50%, 25%, 25% respetively.


I want to back up by manually plugging in two USB 500GB harddrives each week; One is for the music folder, and the other is for vids and photo.


I just need a simple piece of software that will analyse both sides and then copy any new or updated files over.




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I looked at the setting on my Time Machine, and it only appears to give you the option to exclude things, as opposed to being able to pick specific folders. I guess if you wanted to exclude everything except your media folders, it would work, but that would be a lot of hassle. I would probably look for a more basic backup program, as Time Machine is intended to replicate your entire drive.


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