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Macbook Pro & Ayre QB9 Tuning


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I completed my setup of a macbook pro, QB9 and Amarra Mini. For now, I have an iomega external drive for the music (usb) - firewire drive soon. I've tweaked everything I've read about on this forum (and Amarra & Ayre) and it sounds as good or better than my CXE7mp - very pleased.


However, I'm looking for advice on a few settings:

- I have the QB9 set to the lower USB dip setting. This allows me to connect it to an isolated USB bus (not the high speed). If I set the QB9 dip switch to the USB 2.0 setting it will connect to the high speed bus but will have to share with iSight. It seems to sound better on the slower, isolated USB bus - would that be the general recommendation?


- What is recommended for the Amarra Dither and Word Length settings? I've set the dither playback on and the word length to 24bit. Is this best? I only have 16/44 music.


- The Amarra EQ setting don't seem to do much - is that common?


- I haven't setup the "renice" script - does it make a big difference?


Thanks much in advance.



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