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Conversion from wma.


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I need a mac os X utility to convert WMA 24/96 files to flac/aiff/alac. I need it as the only lossless format sold by itrax is wma. So far these are my findings.


a) The itunes wma converter chops the 24 bits to 16.

b) I do not see the wma option in the XLD

c) There is one archaic shell utility available on window's to convert wma to wav, from microsoft.


If anybody has any inputs, please pitch in.







Macbook pro 15\" 2.53ghz core 2 duo with Amarra, 1 TB storage, 6 GB memory -> USB locus-design nucleus cable -> EA overdrive DAC -> -> modded parasound JC1 monoblocks -> cadence ARCA loudspeakers + REL studio III

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