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SACD Import from CD Japan: Genesis "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

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So I took the plunge and ordered an SACD from CD Japan.

First let me say that the service and web site are absolutely top notch. I received it less than a week after ordering.

The album's (re)design is stunning, exactly like a mini-version of the double vinyl album.

For $75 all in, you get 2 SACD (double album) plus a DVD that contains the album in 24/96, as well as a couple of 5.1 surround mixes in 24/96. The DVD has a menu to play the album with clever graphical illustrations (not video, photos with effects) of the album.

Off course, what I cared about the most was the quality of the SACD, and it definitely a massive improvement from the CD version. Less tape noise, better imaging of the vocals, and firmer bass.

Given that most classic Genesis has been re-issued in Japan in SACD format, I plan to buy a few more more Xmas.

Again, CD Japan was absolutely impeccable in their service and delivery. 2 thumbs way up.


I am not setup yet to rip the SACD 100% digitally, as I can only do it via analog output of SACD player (mediocre Sony unit for now) to digital conversion. I will do it anyways, not the least to run the Spectrum analyzer in Audacity and confirm that it goes above 20k.


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This sounds the same as the SACD from the UK 1970-1975 box set. I agree that the SACD sounds very good but I was dissapointed with the DVD. I had hoped that the 24/96 would be DVDA (similar to the King Crimson/REM/Talking Heads reissues) which I could rip. It is in fact dts, which I find very tiring and un-listenable. What is the DVD audio format on the Japanese issue?



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