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JRiver Media Center - does it actually work?


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I'm trying to switch to a PC-based media server (because I want blu-ray playback) and based on the recommendation here for JRiver Media Center I have been trying it for the last week. I have to say, I'm sorely disappointed in this given the recommendation on this site. The fact they feel their out of date wiki is sufficient "documentation" is a pretty poor excuse for support. And searching the web has turned up basically zero help in trying to troubleshoot the problems I'm having with my files.


I realize with features often comes complexity but even just trying to do the simplest of configs with it has proved to be so painful that I'm considering giving up with it and switching to iTunes (which I was trying to avoid because of the lack of bit-perfect playback). Given the complexity of the program you'd think they would offer a little more hand-holding on configuration (my problem being trying to play Apple Lossless - which I realize is something you could lay at Apple's feet for making it complicated but that is the file format I have and while I can convert the files the app claims support for this format). While not relevant here, one of the reasons I was intrigued by the program was its video support including Netflix which is mentioned as a feature but is never described as to how to set it up, you have to dig through not their wiki which is their "documenation" but their message board to find a reference.


I realize this is a bit of a rant but I wanted to express my disappointment that a program lacking in documentation or set-up guides has found its way on to the CASH list along with 2 recent articles on its use - that just doesn't jive in my opinion. It seems like it could be a great program but there is more to software than what it does, you can have the best program but if it is so difficult to use and you don't help people try and understand how to use it then it is worthless in my book.


I'm not yet giving up on it as it seems to offer the features but I am getting extremely frustrated with how difficult it is to use along with its complete lack of current documentation.




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Found the program easy to use, but only tweaked it a bit.

Let's us know exactly what is your problem.


I find that it's less ergonomic that iTunes, but with more options and flexibility. I believe it's useful more to the "power user" that to the light/casual user.


It's theater view is great to use in a touch screen later on.


I also use the ripping included, and I am still to determine if I gain anything to move to a (supposed) better solution like dbpoweramp .


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Hi John,


it works just fine for me (as I write this), as far as audio is concerned. Unfortunately, I haven't tried anything related to video.


I suggest you post your question on the Interact Forum (JRiver).

They even implemented a specific feature for my setup.


Hope you'll find your way with this fantastic player.




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