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Early American Music Suggestions?

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I listen to a wide range of music. I own and operate an international underground music magazine so my rise in the audiophile world has been unusual to say the least as my music tastes often veer off far into left field territory most people are unfamiliar with.


Seeing that my musical heritage is so uncommon amongst audiophiles I have little experience with more "mainstream" or more familiar styles of music.


Recently I inherited a very large CD collection that included a sizable collection of classic rock, blues, classical and jazz music. As I make my way through this new treasure trove of music I am finding myself very drawn to early blues, jazz, blue grass, folk, early african slave spirituals and other early American music recordings.


The only reliable source I have found for sampling such recordings is the online Smithsonian Folkways collection which supplies an archive of such recordings alongside MP3 samples and also Amazon.com where such albums and MP3 samples can be found.


I know that audiophile recording techniques were not developed when such recordings were made. I am interested to hear from other people who have collected such music and would prefer to hear recommendations on various recordings sound quality and recommendations based on how recommended albums sound being played on an audiophile grade stereo system either on CD or over a music server.


I am particularly interested in hearing recommendations concerning remasters of original recordings that might reduce some of the background noise or improve the fidelity of a given recording.


I am beginning my exploration with the classic remastered "American Folk Anthology" issued originally on Folkway Recordings.








Malahki Thorn[br]Founder / Lead Editor[br]Heathen Harvest Magazine[br]www.heathenharvest.com

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