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Drobo FS customer support Update?

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Recently acquired a Drobo FS (with 3 x WD 1.5Tb) and sent an email to Drobo customer support to ask how I set up Drobo which I would like to use to store files for my mac mini (for use solely for music - itunes) running Snow Leopard and to back up files from my home business Sony laptop running Vista.


I asked whether I need to set up separate volumes in the Drobo (I think these are the same as files - one for music and one for business stuff?)or whether that happens automatically, whether I ned to worry about the different Mac and Vista formats of the music files on the one hand and the business files on the other, and I asked what "mounting" a computer to a HD means.


So far no response or even acknowledgement from Drobo other than that the matter is "unresolved".


Drobo FS seems like a nice bit of kit but I am stuck as I am not a computer tekky!


The Droboshare features are not applicable to the FS.

Any one else having a bad customer support experience with Drobo?




Received a reply this afternoon to my enquiry so maybe they read my posting on here! Their reply is posted below in case it is of any interest:


"To answer your questions, it is advised to use separate shares for Windows and MAC OS X. The reason for this is that MAC OS X can read the Windows proprietary NTFS file system but can not write on it and Windows can read nor write on the MAC OS proprietary HFS+ file system.


If you wish to share an iTunes library, you can set up an NTFS share, copy the music onto it using the Windows computer and have the MAC read the library from there.


With DroBo FS there is no need to repartition the device in the classic sense (using for instance disc utility). Instead you can assign shares using the DroBo dashboard. These shares are network storage volumes and need to be mounted in order to access them.


By default droBo dashboard automatically mounts these shares after they have been initially set up.


As long as you don't want to connect Drobo directly to your Mac, there's no need to format it in FAT32 for use with DroboShare. You can format it in HFS+ or NTFS through Drobo Dashboard or in EXT3 (Linux-via the command line) , and DroboShare deals with the tasks associated with making files understandable with multiple platforms


Since you are accessing Drobo through the DroboShare, which is talking to you with Windows file sharing (SMB) protocols, you are not seeing the actual format on the disk with your computer. Only DroboShare sees the actual format.


With partitioning you define the area which can be used to store your data. Means, you can create several partitions with different sizes for each partition.


You need to mount a devices in order to get access to the data on the drives."







2010 Mac Mini 4Gb Firewired to Weiss DAC202, Drobo FS, Viva Solista 845/TAPX Pre or Tron Nucleus pre or Paul Hynes/Pre/Croft Twinstar 4/5 or GC modded Leak 20 s, LothX Polaris, TDL Monitor tmls, Music Player still completely unsure and perplexed.

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