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Anyone heard the PureAudio Lotus USB DAC1 on eBay?

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Hey Guys,


I got a hold of one of these to try out. Look up PureAudio Lotus DAC1 on eBay for the spec run down.


Relatively cheap, with 5 inputs that include AES/EBU and I2S.


Supports 16/24bit and up to 192KHz, though the USB is limited to 96K.


I popped it open, and the output stage uses opamps in sockets, so swapping em out (later) will not be much of a problem. Casework is quite good (and heavy) with lots of room on the inside for air flow. Looks to be about 16" wide, which surprised me since i figured it was half rack width.


Anyone heard this unit? Anyone have any more information?


So far it sounds good and doesn't make me run out of the room, but I will be playing it as much as I can for the next 3 weeks before I compare it to my other DAC.


Thanks for any input!





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