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Who does the upsampling??


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I am using Amarra Junior in a chain of Mac mini -> m2tech hiface -> Accuphase DP 67 (dig. in.) -> Accuphase E-450. Amarra Junior only plays tracks with 44.1/16. If I set the hiface to 96/24 via AMS, the DAC (CD-Player) indicates it is receiving a 96 kHz signal. That means that some software must upsample the 44.1/16 to 96/24. Is this intrinsic to Amarra or is the upsampling done after Amarra by some part of the OS?




Mac mini (Mojave, Audirvana/Amarra/Roon) -> Dirac -> Audioquest Carbon USB -> devialet 200 -> MIT Shotgun MA -> Verity Audio Leonore

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