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itunes library missing location

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Good day to you all


I have read some of your threads and you appear most helpful.


I was wondering if you could please assist me in a rather difficult situation with my itunes library.


I have been collecting music over some time now and at various stages changed the location where the music is stored due to an inceasing size of library. ( A common occurance I believe)


Recently my computer hung and I had to switch off whilst listening to my i-tunes.

When I restarted the i-tunes had defaulted to the origal setting and could not locate a number of my files.

I re-pointed it in the direction of the external drive, but it still does not locate a number of files. When I push locate it finds a few files but they are sometimes elsewhere. In some cases the files are still on my c drive of my laptop..I am really confused and want to revert back without loosing all my playlists and more worrying is when I re-sync my ipod it will sync to the new settings etc...Please can you help.


I am using windows 7 and am very limited in my computer knowledge (in my 70's)

I would be extremely grateful if you can provide me with a solution.

Kind regards




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This runs until October 29th.




Ya gotta sign up here, too hectic to track everyone all over the Internet forums, and the more that join means better karma.




And, a possible charity raffle, maybe for National Children's Lukemia Foundation, is still in the works, but I have to contact some more vendors first. If anyone has any ideas, let me know via pm.




have a great weekend,






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