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Anyone have any experience with the Gigawork 24/192 upsampling DAC "kit" sold on E-bay?

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I understand that this DAC sounds better than the Benchmark DAC1. If so, it's certainly a bargain at around $150 including shipping. One thing that bothers me is the lack of an enclosure to put the thing in. While I'm sure that I can come up with something, It would be nice if there were a more complete solution available using this board and power supply. Has anybody tried this DAC? If so, have you compared it to other solutions? What is the consensus about sound quality? Thanks, in advance for any feedback.



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Main system: MPaD -> Fanless VortexBox -> Emotiva XDA-1 -> Adcom GFA-555II -> Working on the rest

Desktop System: J.River Media Jukebox -> WIN7 -> HRT Music Streamer II -> Virtue Audio One.2 -> DIY Martello speakers


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