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JRiver Media Server 15 and Apple Lossless


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I'm in the process of switching from a Mac Mini-based music server to a Windows 7 64-bit server (making the switch because I want a multi-function machine, one that can play blu-ray, stream something like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, and play my music collection). Even though I'm looking at a multi-purpose machine I still want to get the best audio quality from it I can. To that end I was exploring media players and was checking out JRiver as it seems to be well received here while offering some of the remote control options I've become accustomed to with the Mac Mini/iTunes system I have been using. So I've installed Media Center 15 but seem to be hitting a snag getting it to recognize and play my Apple Lossless files that I have been using on the Mini (they were stored on an external drive that was formatted FAT32 so it plugs in just fine to Windows, and JRiver picked up all the mp3 files I had from it, just not the lossless).


Is there some magic to getting this to work? I installed iTunes and set JRiver to use Quicktime for m4a files but that didn't seem to work, kept getting an unrecognized error. I've done a fair amount of web searching on this and can't seem to find a concise solution, most of what I'm finding are "it didn't work and then it did" type of things or they relate to older version of JRiver which is configured differently than the new, at least from what I can tell.


Now the only reason I was switching from iTunes was because I understand it is not bit-perfect on Windows. Of course most of those references are to older versions so I wasn't sure if anything had changed. And no, I've not done any comparisons to see if I could actually tell any difference, that is next but would prefer to keep things "pure" if possible.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.






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