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Introducing myself


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Hello, this is a great, informative forum. Looking forward to learning and sharing. I have been an audio buff for many years. I embraced digital music playback and recording years ago. Finally glad to find a place that appreciates the digital medium. Although I will always love the sound of vinyl, it is extremely difficult to discuss digital audio on many other boards. In fact, if you bring up the benefits of digital on a certain Mastering Engineer's forum, you get bombarded with hate.


My systems comprise of the following: iMac 27 inch I7, OWC mirrored external firewire drive (all music stored there), Presonus Firebox, Yamaha HS80M studio monitors, itunes 10 (24/96 audio/midi set up).


Living room: Pioneer Elite 45TX a/v receiver (2 channel set up, don't use surround), Pioneer 45A Universal (CD/DVD-A/SACD) player, Polk Rti28 bookshelf speakers (no sub, live in apartment) on stands. Monster 12AWG ZF speaker wire. Dayton Audio interconnects.


I'm hoping to get a new Apple TV soon for streaming from iTunes


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