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LG BD570 Blu-ray Digital Output

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Hi Guys - A colleague of mine just told me that the LG BD570 Blu-ray player will output digital audio via coaxial and optical S/PDIF. He has been told the optical output will pass 24/192 without DRM. Does anyone know about this player and it's digital out capabilities?


I'm already thinking about how to capture the output on my music server.






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I had one - returned it.

I got it to go with a Audio Research Dac 8, Atlona 577.


The idea was to put SACD through the Dac. VIA HDMI.

HDMI BDPS-570 - Altona 577 - Audioresearch DAC 8


1: Playing Bluray and DVD-Audio - worked - the Atlona would find the PCM signal 192khz - and it was recognised by the Dac 8.

2: Playing SACD - the DAC 8 would recognize a 176 signal (great!) - but alas - I could not actually hear anything.

3: DVD-A, Directly from the BDPS-570, optical out, to the DAC 8. I "think" it lowered the signal to 44.1 for the DVD-A. So stripping it from the HDMI was best. Not sure about Bluray.


If you don't have SACD's then get the Atlona and the BDPS570 is perfect. I had no issues with it except losing signal with my projector while swapping menu's - maybe a projector Atlona problem...


If you do have SACD's - trial the BDPS- 770 when that comes out.


I can't for the life of me understand why the DAC 8 would pick up a 176 signal from the SACD - (means it was converted from DSD - PCM) yet not play it.... maybe Sony protection or something.... any ideas?


This doesn't really answer your question exactly - just my findings





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