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headphone amp with usb dac

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I recently took a business trip and decided to ditch my laptop that I used for music listening and take my ipod instead. I was happy with the weight loss but unhappy with the sound quality even with a decent set of headphones. So I'm thinking of buying a headphone amp with a usb dac (so I can use it as a stand alone dac sometimes as well). I'm leaning towards the HeadRoom Total BitHead headphone amp/dac. There are some less expensive solutions (such as the FiiO E7 USB DAC or the Icon mobile dac/headphone amp). There are some more expensive solutions as well such as the IBasso D2. This may not be the right forum to ask but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these portable headphone amp/usb dacs (or any others that might be out there). Thanks!


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IMac->audioengine D1 dac->airmotiv 4 (work system)

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