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A-Tech Fabrication Cases

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First of all, let me express my gratitude for this wonderful site -- I find it an extremely valuable resource.


To my question, do any of you have experience with the A-Fabrication cases? I intend to build a dedicated music server and am contemplated the following model:


HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client



The case has a PCI/ PCI-E adapter slot which I might use for an audio card (Lynx Studio Technology AES16, ASUS Xonar Essence, or perhaps ESI's Juli@ -- I have not made up my mind).


Naturally, I read Computer Audiophile Pocket Server article and considered the Origen M10 case, but prefer the A-Fabrication simply because of its looks (I am hesitant to admit). Given its price tag, I am however curious to hear you views.


Many thanks in advance.


Best, Heiko



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What's wrong with this?


It's just a box to hold your m/b. You can build another server for the difference in price between those cases. Hide it under the desk. :). BTW it is not that ugly.


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Chris,it is not a beauty contest, put it under your desk and listen to the music. ;~) Isn't this what it's all about? To get more sound while waste less money?



Teac T- 1 VRDS transport; Illumination-90 digital IC; Ramyo 777 DAC; Kubala-Sosna \"Emotion\" interconnects; Shindo Aurgies line stage; Audio Note Kit-1 Amp; Kubala-Sosna \"Emotion\" speaker cable; Avangarde Duo-2 horns.

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It certainly isn't a beauty contest but I personally prefer great sound and great looking components. There's nothing wrong with spending more money on components because they look better. I don't consider it a waste to spend money on great aesthetic design.


Many people don't have a desk near their listening environment to hide such a component. If someone wants to save even more money they could go without a case.


It's all whatever people are into. No right or wrong, just options that either make sense to each individual or not.




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I'm using an A-Tech HeatSync 300 Micro-Client case for my C.A.P.S. server. Glenn at A-Tech provided a faceplate with no optical drive cutout. Installed a passively cooled Intel D510MO in the case with an Intel 40 GB SSD to run Win7 and JRiver. No moving parts, no noise and cool as a cucumber. Storage is on a WHS machine. There's no room for a sound card in this model but did not need one as I'm connecting to an ART Legato via USB (a good USB/SPDIF converter IMO if your music collection is essentially limited to Redbook). The case is not cheap but is an extremely well made work of art, definitely audiophile eye candy that looks great in the rack. While you could obviously get by with a much less expensive case, I (and I'm sure a few others) enjoy looking at a great piece of design!




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I certainly agree that great sounding music is the end goal! Getting in addition great esthetics in my living room is important to me as well, however. Hey, some people spend serious money on paintings to look at and I am willing to spend some on a nice case as eye candy.




I appreciate the feedback on the A-Tech HeatSync 300 Micro-Client. I am focusing on the larger HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client to have the option of an audio card (or other expansions I might consider in the future). I want to get into hi-res music and the USB port of my Musical Fidelity X-DAC V8 operates only up to 44.1 kHz, but the S/PDIF can go up to 96kHz so an audio card might help here (I need to do more research here and might/likley reach out to the group on this, but there are a number of posts I need to read first).


Thanks, Heiko



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There's nothing wrong with choosing to use something like the M350 box, but equally why are you so offended that some people want to spend money on something (they consider) more attractive?


There are other plus points on boxes like the A-Tech cases anyway. Some people feel that non-magnetic cases could provide a (marginal) sound quality increase, and non-resonant boxes will reduce noise levels further. Also cases like the A-Tech case have internal power supply for neatness; larger cases can help with heat dissipation; the A-Tech (and others) have heat pipes for those who wish to use more powerful motherboards / CPUs; and they can accommodate full sized PCI(e) cards.


Having said that, if you're on a budget spending money on such a case would (IMO) not be the best use of your resources.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Hi Heiko,


I have built a HTPC based on the mini client 2500. Its exceptionaly well made and it is running an i5 650 as cool as a cucumber.


I to wanted something that was cool, quiet and would look good in my media centre. It actually looks better in real life than in the photos on the atech site. Its certainly more petite than those photos make it look.


Its expensive! particularly when you get it shipped to Australia.


The delivered package came complete with all the screws and parts clearly labelled and was incredibly comprehensive right down to all the german made tools required to assemble it.


Glenn at Atech was also very helpfull. If you have got the cash I would highly recommend it.


My build is Atech Mini Client 2500, Intel DH57JG mobo, 4G Corsaire ram, OCZ 2 60G SSD, Mini Box pico 150 PSU + 150 watt power brick, then optical out to AVI ADM9.1's


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