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Accuphase DAC-10 (or 20)

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Hi there!


I am sorry to make my question this soon as a member. But I searched for over 5 hours now on the net...


I am in negotion for an Accuphase with an later to be purchased DAC-10 module. Today I called the Accuphase importer and he told me the option DAC module could not be used to connect my Toshiba latop with. Even if I would buy an USB->Toslink or USB->Coax converter. He said the DAC (and most DACS) are designed to work with CD drives only... Is this really true? It would be too bad, cause there would be just one component...


Ps. what kind of price do you have to expect for a "matching quality" USB->Toslink of USB->Coax converter?





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Hi Daniël - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. I suspect the Importer is incorrect on this one, but I will check with a couple sources of mine and let you know. It's always good to have difference opinions. Does this importer have anything to lose or gain by steering customers toward traditional CD Players or Transports?


Check out the Empirical Audio USB to S/PDIF converters. They are some of the best around.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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Hi Chris,


I don't think he has anything to lose or gain, maybe just losing me... He said the DAC modeule is normally used for transports and CD digital outs only. I think it is the same as a normal Audio DA converter, only this time as a plug-in module, like their phono boards.


I will check this Empirical converters, when I am back from work.





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Hi Daniël - I talked to someone whose opinion I highly respect in this area and he confirmed my suspicion. It really doesn't matter what is used as a transport (CD drive or computer). It really comes down to quality no compatibility. Either source is capable of better performance than the other depending on implementation. You are likely to find a computer source for thousands of dollars less than a traditional transport. The computer source will likely have better sound provided everything is optimized from the source material all the way through the chain.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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