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new SqueezeCenter client

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Hi All,


I got an email today from SlimDevices touting a new boom box-like client for their music server. It doesn't look like it has digital or line out, so it's not a Squeezebox-plus-speakers. But it might fill the bill for a kitchen or the like. The B+W device (that one plugs an iPod into) of vaguely similar form factor sounds terrific, relatively speaking, so it is possible for something like this to be listenable.




..or for a page made to a slightly different, and somewhat frightening view of the world, try the version on the Logitech site:







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A nice way to playback internet radio, for those of us who have unlimited data caps. Cheaper than a Tivoli Internet Streaming radio and maybe the speakers aren't too bad considering. Not audiophile quality, but then again for background music or talk radio, should be fine.


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