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Mini + iPad = Music Control Center?

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OK, someone, anyone who gets computer stuff, particularly Mac stuff...can one use an iPad as keyboard + monitor for a Mac Mini? Full functionality with the iPad?


Read stuff on Mac forums saying no, maybe and yes based upon apps.


Don't need/want iPad to have tunes on it (no iTunes or any other functionality on iPad wanted other than Bluetooth...it won't leave music room and Mini).


So, want to replace keyboard + monitor with iPad. Does it work?


Tone with Soul

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There are many vnc-type applications that will work. The one I like the best is RemoteTap4 which is an iPod app but scales automatically for the iPad. It has keyboard functionality and everything else you would need.


I'm sure there are about 50 other options with similar or perhaps better capabilities.


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Most iPod apps that upscale look terrible. However, for this, the image isn't fuzzy. You can zoom it, in the usual iPad way, and when you zoom right in, the image looks quite good. My guess is the display scaling works independent of the iPod limitations.


However, I just read that the latest version is for the iPod 4.whatever software, so it is currently unavailable for the iPad, which means I am stuck with an older version, and if I were trying to install it new, I would not be able to, which is really too bad, because after spending more money then I care to admit on VNC apps that blow chunks, I finally found one that makes using my iPad reasonably straightforward.


I also have an iPod, but the screen is so small, I think using that on a daily basis for remote screen display would be impossible.


LogMeIn looks nice, but for $30, (vs $5 for what I have), I wish I had the option to try it first. I hate the "buy before you try" marketing model for iApps.


I find that it is easiest to use my iMac on the other side of the room with Apple's (VNC-based) Screen Sharing application. On my iMac monitor, I get a full-sized, uncompromised, unclipped image, and I assign it to Space 4, and just leave it connected all the time.


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