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Favorite Album of 2007

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  • 10 years later...

@The Computer Audiophile my that is a tough one.  I'm going to have to go with Cassius '15 Again' for sheer energy.  With exception of Pharrell's roundly mocked "Eye Water" which nobody should be exposed to.  Much less in the middle of this much danceable fun.  The entire album is a raucous youthful celebration.



Joint runners up would be: 


Apparat 'Walls'

Roisin Murphy 'Overpowered'

Deerhunter 'Cryptograms'

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1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

And the winner of the necropost of the year is ..., @rando ?


I cordially thought you would appreciate receiving a long overdue first reply. 


You may not believe I found this site in mid '08 shortly before leaving a steady internet connection to do some traveling.  Nowhere near the rambunctious crowd back then that you serve nowadays.  I had a look in every once in awhile before forgetting about it in favor of other hobbies.  

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My favorite album released in 2007 is Britannia on Telarc pure DSD SACD.


Long out-of-print however Acoustic Sounds still has a few copies left. Britannia SACD

Britannia sacd.jpg

I have dementia. I save all my posts in a text file I call Forums.  I do a search in that file to find out what I said or did in the past.


I still love music.



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