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Current Views on G5s as Music Server


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With used prices for G5s lower that what I paid for digital interconnects 15 years ago (hopefully I have learned since then), are G5s still worth a look?


Other threads (albeit somewhat dated in computer time) attest to the subjective sonic/musical superiority of the G5 over the mini. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Magic-Words-Power-Mac-G5-versus-Mac-Mini?page=3


Assume noise is not an issue. I'd stick it in a rack in the basement under my audio room on a dedicated/isolated power line (fortunately, or unfortunately if you're my wife, I have free cable access from my audio rack through the floor to the basement). Would use with a usb, firewire or AES run to whatever DAC I am infatuated with at the time.


In no particular order, will list some of the issues raised on other posts:


1. preferred OS: older posts seem to wax on about Tiger but newer Snow Leopard versions may be necessary for usb 24/192 support. Will Tiger likely present other more immediate compatability risks for hardware or software than was the case a while ago? iTunes, Amarra, Pure Music? Are G5s with Leopard a safer bet (w/ upgrade path to Snow Leopard)?


2. is a certain digital output clearly preferred on the G5-- Lynx card, firewire, usb?


3. G5 versions or hardware to avoid? liquid cooling seems to breakdown.


Several months ago, the seemingly better sound coming off a G5 alone would have justified the purchase. Wondering how much has changed.


Thanks much.






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