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The Final Storage Solution

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I'm new here but I have been working with various computer based music server systems for a few years now. I own and operate an online music magazine called Heathen Harvest. I am the reception hub for all incoming review media that is reviewed by the international online magazine.


As my magazine has grown I have needed to back up copies of each and every music review submission my magazine receives. I service reviewers around the globe with review media. When a release goes missing in the post I must supply reviewers with a back up copy which is why my storage needs are so great.


After working with numerous 1TB external drives and various synching software I finally discovered a no hassle drive enclosure that does all the work and is continually upgradable without a hitch.


As of right now I am enjoying 4TB of redundant back up without the use of RAID or its management issues.


To learn more check out the drive enclosure device called "Drobo" check out this link www.drobo.com.


I have been using my Drobo for nearly a year with 4 X 1TB drives. Its simple, maintenance free and has been the answer to my prayers with a lossless music collection approaching 1.5 TB. I am using the earlier USB only drobo but would be interested in hearing how the firewire version works should anyone else also be using this device.


Hope this helps some other people save money as I blew way too much money on single external 1TB drives that continued to fail before discovering this device.







Malahki Thorn[br]Founder / Lead Editor[br]Heathen Harvest Magazine[br]www.heathenharvest.com

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Hi Malahki - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. Thanks for the first hand testimonial about the Drobo. There are some readers around here who also use the Drobo. Your comments about simplicity are 100% correct.


As a side note, instead of shipping media around the world you could always make your Drobo available to your reviewers via secure ftp. They can just download what they need.


Anyway, thanks for the post!


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Thank you for the warm welcome. I would love to transfer my media dissemination to a FTP server but I am restricted by geography. I live in one if not the most remote area of N. California. The nearest small city is a three hour drive away. The only high speed internet access available in our entire county is Satellite internet which imposes absurd limitations of downloading and uploading. My needs require that I ship anywhere from 20 - 120 CD's a month internationally. With the current upload restrictions I would be unable to meet the quota.


In addition I work with some people in countries such as S. America and Russia where the salaries are low and folks pay for the download by the MB. This is a further restriction as some of my staff cannot afford to pay to download.


And finally file size is a restriction. I despise lossy music compression and cannot in good conscious as a music journalist to review a lossy compressed file even if it means I save cash or time.


Thank you for the suggestion. My county is beginning the process of requesting permission to access the government and research exclusive Internet 2 network used by universities and research institutes. This would be a first if our county is granted access to the network. We are hoping our need for economic development will prompt the government to make an exception.


If this transpires our county would have outrageous bandwidth. Keeping my fingers crossed.






Malahki Thorn[br]Founder / Lead Editor[br]Heathen Harvest Magazine[br]www.heathenharvest.com

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The Drobo is getting nice reviews.. Just one thing. A single RAID5 or Drobo does not protect you from loss of data because of Viruses/Firmware-malfunction/Theft/Fire/Flood/Storm etc..


I'm also using a single RAID5 for all my data, but if that RAID5 goes kaputt then all data is lost and need to be salvaged (VERY costly and might be not possible due to theft for example).


We need to put a backup copy of that RAID5/Drobo in a separate location in order to be safe!


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Crion is absolutely right. RAID protects only against single drive failure, but not the plethora of other bad things that could happen to your storage. SmallNetBuilder (IMO one of the better sources for personal NAS building) posted this article on the topic last year: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/content/view/30060/79/


Personally have been using a QNAP TS-209 that I'm upgrading to a TS-509 in the coming weeks. For now, I will use my 209 for backup. I looked at the DROBO, but have been scared off by its proprietary drive format (i.e., if the DROBO unit fails, data recovery is only possible through another DROBO). Smart on their part to tie you to their technology, but I'm a big fan of flexibility.


Will post impressions on the 509 when it comes in.


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