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What does this mean?


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As I'm buying a whole new system I got pretty much confused with lots of stuff, but could you help with this.. I'm planning to buy Dali Lektor 8 speakers and it says:


Recommended amplifier power [W]: 40 - 180


So what I don't understand is, does this 180W part mean that it's for 90W x 2 RMS amp? or 180W x 2? Does one speaker have 90W or 180W RMS? That is what's troubling me, I assume it's the first optionm but I don't know really


Because I'm planning to buy Nad C 355BEE amp. and of course Dali Lektor 8 so I got confused with these specs


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The 40 - 180W rating is per speaker. The Dalis are rated at a 89.5 dB/1W which is about average. The NAD is 80 WPC and will drive these speakers to a fairly loud level without clipping. Clipping is not a good thing for any speaker and can easily result in blown tweeters. A higher rated amp will get you a bit louder with tighter control of the bass as well as less liklihood of clipping with enthusiastic use of the volume control. Unless you anticipate using this combination for listening to rock or orchestral music at concert levels, you're fine with these choices.


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CharlyD thank you


so Lektor 8 can be used with an amp of max 180W x 2 RMS if I got that right?


could you tell me this too, I have a receiver sony str 698, should I use it (for stereo music) with NAD 355 amp and Dali speakers? Will I get anything better with that combination (or just stick with an amp) and if yes, do I plug in the speakers into amp or into receiver? I mean how do I connect all that with a DAC? DAC to amp to receiver or?


sorry for bothering you


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I scanned a CNet review of the Sony and they were not impressed with its audio capabilities. If sound quality is a concern, the NAD is a much better choice.


For amplifiers with very good power supply regulation, the maximum output power is linearly related to the speaker load. A Levinson amp that can output 100W at 8 Ohms will output 200W into 4 Ohms and 400W into 2 ohms. The power supplies on the NAD are likely good, but not that good. From the sound of the CNet review of the Sony, its power supply regulation is poor. You'll get more power out of the NAD at 6 Ohms than 8 but I'd be guessing about how much.


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My advice to you is get the speakers and get some second hand amp with it for cheaps so you can get used to the sound of those Dali's. Save for a more powerful amp and a separate pre-amp. Maybe Rotel, Emotiva or XTZ.


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@Erwin S: Now I'm definitely confused :)


what preamp and amp would you pick (the models)?


I thought I'll be good with integrated amplifier only.. So preamp and amp will give me a better sound than single integrated amplifier?


Sorry for all of my questions I'm pretty new at this Hi Fi world, and I'm collecting all the information I can get


So far, I decided to buy Dali Lektor 8 speakers (or maybe Monitor Audio Rx or Bx 6/8) and Arcam rDAC, now I have to decide which amp and analog interconnect to buy, this is harder than I thought, but I tring to pick best equipment for the money


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(Without actually hearing the combination) I'd hVe said the Dali speakers and NAD Intergrated amp would be a good combination... Getting into separate pre and power amps is going to add to the expense without adding anything at this level (IMO).


Try to get a demo of the speakers with the NAD amp and alternatives such as Arcam, Rotel and Marantz (and whatever else your dealer has). The power rating is only a vaige guide to suitability.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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It helps to know budget and your room configuration, but so far I think you are mentioning some solid products at the low end of hi-fi. Most would say mid-fi and that is not a bad thing at all. I think the NAD 355, the Dali 8s and the Arcam rDAC is a pretty well matched system in terms of quality and capability from what I know. The nice thing about an integrated is its simplicity. In the NAD 355, you get an amp that has a headphone stage, can control two sets of speakers and switch them in any combination and in general a very good value at $800. Basically from what you mention, you are talking about $3000 - $3500 for a system that will be very solid. If you said $3500 was your budget for a complete system, I bet you'd get less confusing answers.


Check out the PSB Imagine Towers in comparison to the Dali 8.





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Well my budget is basically not pretty big :). Best buy category I dare to say and yes, somewhere around 3000 dollars.


Speakers wise maybe even monitor audio Rx 6, it also sounds great with NAD...


But definitely it will be arcam rDAC and NAD amp, now only decision I have to make is whether to buy Dali Lektor 8 or Monitor Audio Rx 6/8 and of course which interconnect cable (I hate this part). I was thinking maybe Nordhost blue heaven or Kimber Timbre or Some Van Del Hul, what do you guys think?


And I have to say that this is a really great forum, thank you all, and sorry for my english beacuse I'm from Croatia (Europe) :)


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Sorry to confuse you. There are many ways to reach audiophile nirvana! The idea is to take away as little as possible from the music. Generally, the shortest way is the best way (but not always).


I don't know what you want to hook up (CD-player, Tuner, Turntable, computer?) Let's for simplicity only count on a computer as a source. This is Computer Audiophile after all.


1/ all-in-one speakers/amp/DAC: the ADM9.1 from AVI. Very good! Just hook up your computer. Or stream the music wifi with an Apple TV, just connect Apple TV to ADM9.1 with optical digital cable. It can't get simpeler. Maybe add the Subwoofer (later) for more low-end grunt.




2/ classic HiFi + DAC + computer: like the Dali+NAD+Arcam rDAC


3/ same, but separate amp and pre-amp: it's agood idea not to include the hot amp section with the delicate pre-amp functions. This costs a bit more though. Another step up from there is to give each speaker it's own amp, called monoblocks. Advantage is that the signal from one channel cannot leak into the other channel (crosstalk).


4/ leave out the pre-amp alltogether! A classic pre-amp has 3 functions:

*provide inputs from different (analogue) sources

*enforce the signal ("pre"-amp)

*reduce, control or attenuate the volume.

but the signal from a CD or a DAC no longer needs enforcing these days, only attenuation! And if you don't have a turntable anymore, why bother to have an input for it?

Hence, more and more DAC's with volume control are showing up (or with built-in pre-amp function as you wish)


A good and affordable choice would be Emotiva. The new XDA-1 is a $299 DAC with volume control. It should be for sale by the end of October. Their little $329 UPA-1 monoblock amps should make those Dali's sing! Power is more than 180 Watts, but there's no such thing as to much power. My amps are 1000 Watts, the speakers are rated for 550 Watts. That power is never constant anyway, it "dances" with the music!



Sales are internet only and everything is made in China, that's why the prices are low.


Fully Balanced Differential Stereo: Jamo R909 < Emotiva XPA-1 < XLR < Emotiva XSP-1 < Weiss DAC2 < Oyaide d+ FW400/800 < iMac < Synology DS1815+ NAS

Software: Amarra Symphony iRC, XLD, iTunes.

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Then don't rule out XTZ from Sweden! They have very good products for low prices. About the same business model as Emotiva from the USA. The downside with USA products is the high shipping cost and the extra Duties and VAT.


Say 2 Emotiva UPA-1 and the XDA-1 with some interconnects are $1,000. Well, this would come to about €1,200 on your doorstep. How much is VAT in Croatia? We were near Dubrovnik about 10-12 years ago for a beach holiday.


Link to XTZ



Good luck!


Fully Balanced Differential Stereo: Jamo R909 < Emotiva XPA-1 < XLR < Emotiva XSP-1 < Weiss DAC2 < Oyaide d+ FW400/800 < iMac < Synology DS1815+ NAS

Software: Amarra Symphony iRC, XLD, iTunes.

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