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Problems with XLD and metadata


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XLD has issued at least 3 updates within the past few weeks. I'm not quite sure when this started happenning but when XLD retrieves metadata - regardless of the source (freedb and musicbrainz are both built in and supported) - NO track names import anymore. Other metadata comes in just fine. I've been burning a friends collection of music recently and its consistently omitting the track names. Any clue? Anyone else experience problems with XLD recently?


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I just updated two days ago and then imported about 20 CD's in ALAC. No problem! Version is 20100911.


Sshhtt! Miles Davis is playing...


Fully Balanced Differential Stereo: Jamo R909 < Emotiva XPA-1 < XLR < Emotiva XSP-1 < Weiss DAC2 < Oyaide d+ FW400/800 < iMac < Synology DS1815+ NAS

Software: Amarra Symphony iRC, XLD, iTunes.

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