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BBC Proms live at 320kbs the last week of the Season


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For those interested and with a fast enough internet connection the final week of the BBC Proms will be streamed at 320 as an experiment.The more people who listen and comment the bigger the chance that the BBC will actually set a new standard from this week.

Not quite hi res but certainly better than most other Radio Stations whuích stream at far too low bitrate for Classical music to sound anywhere near enjoyable.

Tonight the BPO are back again at 7.30 GMT with Strauss Vier letzte Lieder with Karita Mattila, Alban Berg and Webern, Schoenberg and Wagner.

Happy listening Chris


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Thanks Chris for posting about this. I'm a British expat living in California, so I don't usually get to hear the Proms live because of the time difference, but I've been enjoying the repeats via the BBC iPlayer, which I believe is streamed at 192kbps AAC. To me, even that sounds as good as listening to BBC Radio 3 via FM radio.


But today is Saturday, so I'm at home in front of my audio system listening live to Sir Simon Rattle conduct the Berlin Philharmonic. It definitely sounds better at the higher bit rate. The difference was apparent even before the orchestra started playing, just in the audience noises which were more detailed and immediate, as if a metaphorical veil had been lifted between me and the acoustic space of the Albert Hall.


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