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Bryston BDA-1

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HOLY-MOTHER-OF-(whatever)-GOD-(you believe in)-!



Well, got the BDA-1 in today.. and up and running...


First things first, the up-sampling should be on at all times... it absolutely brings more depth and slam to the music.


Like all things Bryston, the sound is typically Bryston.


Polite, to the point and oh by the way, we do LOUD PROFESSIONAL SOUND RECORDING STUDIO'S!


This DAC has brought back a sense of composed excitement to the music.


It has wonderful layers that one can isolate but they never sound separate, like a well made cake, you cannot taste the egg, but you know it's there.


The bass is just... BIG!... without any one note boom... just detailed and BIG!


Worth ever penny!


Have not tested the USB input and doubt I will any time soon.


Both the COAX and Optical input's sound great... up-sampled.




p.s. I got a very low serial number on mine! :)





Drew.[br]Totem Model 1 Signature\'s

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