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Foobar Setup- problem of keeping the Foobar library updated


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As a relative computer neophyte and long-time sound enthusiast, I have crossed the line. My Benchmark DAC combined with a Vista machine, Foobar, and kernel streaming sounds a lot better than my old school CD transport.


There is a fly in the ointment, however, and that is the problem of keeping the Foobar library updated. I don’t know if it is an inherent limitation in Foobar or a limitation in my technical prowess. I hope it is the latter.


Every time I rip a new CD to my FLAC directory (where I’m storing my lossless files), I have to go through a manual process to update my library and another manual process to update any playlists I have established that point to that genre of music. I am committed to ripping my entire library (1,000+ titles) because of the clear improvement in sonics, but it seems like there has to be an easier path for me than to hunt down the folder in Foobar (File/add folder) for both the library and the playlists every time I rip a new CD. (I haven’t tried file/add location. Is that fundamentally any different?)


I’ve downloaded Media Monkey Gold in my desperation to find a solution to this issue, but before I go through the heartache of tweaking Media Monkey’s outputs and learning a whole new interface, I’m hoping someone can give me a simple way to accomplish automated library/list updates in Foobar. (Is is true that Media Monkey does this well?)


Thanks for any assistance




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My foobar updates automatically and instantaneously, so yours should too. Good luck.


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