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Mac Mini capable?


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I need a stand-alone dac for my main system. There are some many to choose from. I read about the Devilsound, Kingrex UD-01, UsB Thingee and several others. I'm leaning towards the UD-01...right now..unless


For anyone out there, is there a huge difference in sound quality between a Kingrex UD-01 and a PS Audio Digital Link III. I can get a second hand one for about $500. There is a big difference in price but I'm willing to fork out money for a good dac.


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In regards to your original question, I use a T20U from a Macbook Pro (and have from my Mini too) and it does a fine job - I'm often surprised by the quality of sound it provides. If you don't need the external DAC you mention right away, I would advise to try the inbuilt T20U DAC and see what you think first. It's limited to 16/44 but that will do you for anything up to CD audio...


Let us know what you do and how it sounds ;)


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