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Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

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On 23 novembre 2019 at 10:22 AM, PeterSt said:

John, to me, myself and I, that configuration which is still shipped (for more than a year by now !) is the only one which does not show "anomalies" at the very end. All of the others (also my own) turn out to be gadgets, for me. They may show more bass, but in the end all turns out to be too bassy. They may show more fresh highs, but in the end it is too lean. A more wide sound stage ? in the end it is too flat. Etc. etc. etc.


Me too, it's the most balanced configuration. I have tried the other configurations and it is true that either something is missing or something is too much in the spotlight. I thank in passing all the people who found and posted "good" configurations!
Although I can't live without the Lush^2 anymore, I still find it a little too bloated at the bottom of the spectrum. Most of the time it's very lovely, but sometimes a little awkward.

I will try Alex's proposed configuration to put the USPCB back in place of my Lush^1:
Mac Mini => USPCB => IsoRegen => Lush^2 => DAC Terminator

Thanks to all


Mac Mini Late 2012 2,6QC I7 16GB ram + Lexar 2000 32SDHC / UpTone JS2 & Kenneth Lau Signature Edition LPS + MMK UpTone Audio > Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1/Amarra 4Luxe /Audirvana+ 2.6.4 booted From SD Card w/CAD+Custom Scripts > UpTone IsoRegen / Phasure Lush^2 USB > Denafrips Terminator > Cardas Clear Beyond XLR > Goldmund Mimesis 37S > Nordost Tyr 2 XLR > Goldmund Telos 280 w/Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax SHD Fuses > Legato Scherzo > Magico S1 MKII w/SPOD 8

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