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New dCS Bartok Upsampling Network DAC

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Doesn't this device make up for the shortcomings of the Network Bridge. Any step for the price to head south is a welcome move from dcs, the offering for the HP amp free is a good idea, since most head-fi'ers by now have an amp already, and those that don't, the price differential would make a separate amp that more enticing/affordable.


The Ethernet loop through is a welcome addition, hopefully easy to configure. Would have been nice to have a FO connector, oh well, can't have everything.


It's a little while to October, by the New Year anyway, there should be experiences to share on the SQ.

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Not sure how it makes up for the lack of USB out in the Bridge for those who wanted it. It's a DAC with analog, not digital outs. Bridge owners are highly likely to have a great DAC already, possibly even a dCS one. 
I don't know how good the DAC in this device is relative to other dCS DACs or other high end DACs. If the internal DAC is very good maybe someone with a dCS Bridge and DAC could trade for this component. But based on the price and the fact that it's a multi-function unit, I'm guessing it isn't quite up to the level of the other dCS DACs. 

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3 hours ago, firedog said:

possibly even a dCS one. 


I suppose they who have a dCS DAC and a Network Bridge dont care that the NB dont have USB out as they will likely use AES or dual AES.


On Roon forum dCS answers questions regarding this new DAC. It uses most of the technology from Rossini.



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Very much looking forward to this and the new Naim streamers. Hopefully we don't get stooged too much on price here in Aus though no doubt we will. 

We will likely pay $20k AUD which will be around 2-2.5k over exchange rates for the Bartok.

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