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Tentlabs b-DAC

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I just read Tentlabs is about to launch a new sub 1k dac: the "b-DAC".


Info: http://www.tentlabs.com/index.html

It is said to launch (October) around EUR870,= and has USB and some type of reclocking design with it? own oscilators. The DAC does not seem to draw it's clock from the USB that is. It also seems to have selectable SRC, although I read in the review (Dutch, sorry) that you cannot select a 44.1 family rate (so that would then imply ASRC for any redbook content). Max ASRC rate is 192k.


Guido is well known (at least in NL) for his clocks & mods and a very good DIY CD player. I do think this is their first high res / 'CA-ish' device (it was all about redbook before I think)...


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Details: Audio System

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Has anyone heard a b-DAC? It's interesting how the owners of Grimm Audio, TentLabs, Hypex, Mola-Mola collaborate. The new Hypex NCORE amps are usied in the Grimm LS-1active speakers. The LS-1 embedded active crossover can take digital and analog inputs, process them in a DSP and has remote controllable volume. This technology is purportedly being refined and will launch as the Hypex DLCP in Q2 2012. Then you have Mola Mola who has announced they will launch an integrated amp in May 2012 with embedded NCORE modules and optional DAC and Phono modules with volume control.


If Bruno can deliver these products at the same level of performance as the NCORE's then Q2 should be very interesting indeed.


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