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iTunes EQ and Level controls, part 2; does anybody use them to improve their listening experience?


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I think a parametric EQ would be more useful than the Graphic EQ. Apple's (AUParametricEQ) has a GUI that's clumsy for making fine adjustments, but it should suffice.


I suggest dragging one of the vertical side bars away from the center to decrease the Q to 1. Drag the center dot vertically to set the gain or cut to 3 to 6 dB. Then drag the center dot horizontally to experiment with the effect of changing the center frequency. Once you get an idea what center frequency you want to effect, try reducing the amplitude to the minimum amount of gain or cut that produces the desired adjustment.


HQPlayer (on 3.8 GHz 8-core i7 iMac 2020) > NAA (on 2012 Mac Mini i7) > RME ADI-2 v2 > Benchmark AHB-2 > Thiel 3.7

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