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Max flac to aiff


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Quick question for the group here. I just used Max to convert some flac files to aiff and the files did not retain their tags in iTunes, just the song names. Did I need to do/check/select something in Max, or is this just what happens? Thanks




PS (edit) - I also find I'm unable to add 3rd party cover art. In doing some research, I'm seeing other people with the latest iTunes version experiencing the same problems adding artwork to aiff files.







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Yeah, I verified that that box was checked. The source for these files was the FLAC download of David Byrne and Brian Eno's new album, from their website, so it wasn't from an actual CD. Might there have been limited tags to begin with? It came as a zipped file and I still have it, so I might try it again and see what happens.





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Going back to this old thread, today I spent some time trying again to get the artwork and other tags to come over in the conversion process, using Max to convert an album's FLAC files to AIFF. Again, no success. Re-entering the album name and artist is no big deal in iTunes after it's been converted and imported, using the "Get Info" after selecting all the songs. But after trying every possible combination of options in the Max program (tried six times with different options) I can't for the life of me get the album artwork to take hold. Even after it's in iTunes, using iTunes Get Info and dragging and dropping.


Any suggestions? Is there some way to "embed" artwork into either the original FLAC or converted AIFF files? I've seen discussions of this with other file types but don't know how to do it or if it might help.









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Well, here's a very inconvenient "fix" to the problem. In iTunes select the songs that won't take artwork, then under the Advanced menu choose "Create AIFF Version". It will generate duplicate files of all of the songs you picked. Those new versions will accept artwork via the normal means like Get Info, drag and drop. You will need to get rid of the originals, however, so I chose to display Date Modified using View Options and picked them off that way and deleted them. As I said, a solution, but not exactly elegant.







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Sorry for hyjacking this thread for my question...it was the most appropriate I could find..


Question: If I drop album art on AIFF files by means of drag&drop in the iTunes (via the Get info dialog), does it matter what size the file is that I'm dropping. Should I avoid dropping large files.. say, if it is a 6Mb scan... I did not see the AIFF files themselves get any bigger on such an occasion.. Anyone knows where/how these are stored and if iTunes reduces the graphic to a certain size..?





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