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Changing album details in itunes

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Hi, I am busily importing some of my CD collection into itunes. I have a laugh at some of the album covers itunes finds for some albums - completely wrong - but hey, it keeps me amused. The most important thing is itunes generally gets the track listings right.


However, the other day I was importing an album and itunes gave me a couple of alternatives as to what the Gracenotes database recognised it as. I hit the wrong option and the track listing was imported wrong, with Chinese titles for many of the tracks. When I tried to re-import the CD, I did not get the option to use the right details - it seems as though itunes remembers the album details it has been told to use originally.


Can anyone tell me how to override this and import the CD correctly?


Many thanks




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Phil, Looks like you'll need to brush up on your Mandarin. :)


I'm far from an iTunes expert but did you completely delete the original attempt and then try again? Other than that, you could resort to writing over everything manually, which would be a pain I know. Someone more knowledgable may have a better fix.






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Chris, You were right. First, delete original album and tracks. The problem is that itunes then somehow remembers original attempt, so you have to stop CD importing automatically and go to the advanced - get track names menu where the options will appear. Then select correct option and re-import.






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