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Ripping through wifi loss of quality?

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I have moved my ripping PC, so now for filing the archive copy of the CD in my NAS, data must flow through my home wifi network.

I was wondering if this can result in any loss of quality of the resulting sound files.I rip with dbpoweramp in FLAC.The working copy is ripped in the internal disk of the ripping PC which act as the day to day music server too , so I am not worried for the replay.


Can anyone give me some advise on this matter?


Will this archived copy suffer some degradation flowing through the wifi?I guess some packets can get lost in the process.


Thanks in advance for any comment.




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Thank,s to both of you,very helpful.


BTW, at this moment I am using Asus Sonar Essence as DAC connected to my HIFI rig (conrad- johnson/BrystonST/Vandersteen 2Ce), and I am quite satisfied with the results (Wxp/JRMC/ASIO as software).


Do you believe that using the SPDIF output of the Asus to a DAC like Cambridge Dacmagic or Arcam rd will improve sound noticeably?


Best regards


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Hmmmm. I don't think so, no. Normally, I would say any soundcard analog output would be bettered by an external dac due to the avoidance of noise. However the sonar is supposed to have a vey well isolated analog section and the dac's you mention are not exactly high-end. As usual you need to listen and see but I am guessing that if you want to improve sound "noticeably" you would have shoot a bit higher with the external dac. - John..


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