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Synology DS207 can play music without being connected to a host PC!

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Here is an extensive review of this NAS RAID box that says that it can stream music without being connected to a PC. That implies that all you need is the Synology NAS, a DAC and a cheap web enabled device to control it and Bob's your uncle! There are more details on page 5.


Am I misunderstanding this?










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Hi xylenz - I don't want to say you're misunderstanding this one, but I'm not sure this device really helps in a music server sense any more than other NAS devices.


The added feature of the Audio Station appears to me to allow audio playback via web browser through the Synology web based player. So the content must stream back to the device with the web browser. If this is not the case I'm not sure how the audio would get to the DAC.


Hopefully I'm wrong and this actually works as you suggest! It would be pretty cool.


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