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HDCD 20-bit playback

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I was reading about HDCD here:




and it sounds interesting:


"HDCD encodes the equivalent of 20 bits worth of data in a 16-bit digital audio signal by utilizing custom dithering, audio filters, and some reversible amplitude and gain encoding; Peak Extend, which is a reversible soft limiter and Low Level Range Extend, which is a reversible gain on low-level signals.


HDCD encoding places a control signal in the least significant bit of a small subset of the 16-bit Red Book audio samples (a technique known as in-band signaling). The HDCD decoder in the consumer's CD or DVD player, if present, responds to the signal. If no decoder is present, the disc will be played as a regular CD."


Can this 20-bit audio be played back on a computer? Maybe it depends on the software player?


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Hi ggking7 - While it seems like 20 bit, it's actually still 16 bits. Read very carefully - "HDCD encodes the equivalent of 20 bits worth of data in a 16-bit digital audio signal"


Ye, you can play back HDCD content on a computer. My Mac and Windows servers output a fully compliant HDCD signal when playing the HDCD tracks from 16/44.1 up to 24/192.


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