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Peachtree Nova basic stupid questions

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I have a new Mac mini (2010) which goes directly into my Peachtree Nova. This means I can use either optical or USB.


I have been using optical, and usually have the Mini's Audio Midi set at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.


The Nova is said to handle up to 96kHz sampling.


Since I now have a total of one album that is 96kHz, I decided it might be interesting to do some blind tests. So in preparation I wanted to see what would happen if I set Audio Midi to 96 kHz. Briefly: I get a bunch of pops, and occasionally music. I moved from Optical In #1 to #2, which can handle increased jitter, but it was possibly slightly worse even.


I then attached a USB to the Nova and my Mini, and switched to it and went to Audio Midi. There, I was surprised to find it was recognized at a "USB DAC" with options for 1-channel 16 bit or 2-channel 16 bit. Nothing higher. Also, the highest sampling rate allowed was 48 kHz.




If the DAC is rated at 96 kHz, does that mean the highest sampling frequency output from my computer can only be 0.5*96 = 48 kHz (a la Nyquist) or is there something wrong with my cables (standard USB2 and $0.31 optical/mini-optical, no adapter), Mac Mini, or Peachtree Nova? Still, why only 16-bit with the USB?


I've been content so far with 24-bit/48kHz with the optical, but this has me worried...


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wow what a coincidence. I had the exact same issue at the San Jose seminar. I was playing 24/96 via optical to the iDecco and experienced a lot of pops and ticks. This is beyond rare in my experience. Right now I can play 24/96 via the same cable into a Nova without issue. Maybe if I had a bit more time at the event I would have got it working. My setup at home is different right now as I am pulling music from a NAS instead of the external (NTFS formatted) drive. I would make sure the cable is connected well. Is the cable glass?. Make sure the cable is not hanging from the computer. The tiny beam of light must line up perfectly inside the computer. Reboot if you haven't already.


The USB results should not be surprising. It's reporting exactly what it should. The USB input on the current Nova is limited to 48k and 16 bits. This has nothing to do with the capability of the actual DAC chip. It's all about the USB receiver chip. If you connected via USB to something like a dCS Debussy it would give you 24 bits and up to 96k as the options. It's got nothing to do with the computer or the DAC chip.




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I was there. That's what got me started ...


Also, I want to apologize for leaving early and not saying hello -- I had a long drive home through the Santa Cruz mountains.


OK, so my use of an optical cable was justified, but maybe I really do need a better one. I remember you saying something about a cheap $30 monster cable; my cable was 100X cheaper. Maybe I am overdoing the frugality.


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Oh great I got this mess started :~)


Here is the cable I and David Solomon from Peachtree have had great luck using. It's a Monster Cable ils100tm. Tough to find now.




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