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Am I On The Right Track?


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We had all those issues until we bought Airport Extreme base stations, now I can operate my Macbook Pro in the garage when I'm working on the car!


Airport Express is very reliable wirelessly but SB less so.


I haven't read the whole thread but have you tried locking the system to a single channel in case there is nearby interference.


My advice is to keep going till you get it going, Wi Fi is far too useful to pass up.




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Trying to remember the steps I went thru setting up the AE. If I recall I had a similar experience where I couldn't see the AE after the first config.


I actually reset the unit to factory default and tried a second time. It also needed rebooting after the config. I never connected to unit by cable, it was all by wireless from the laptop. I trust you have been getting a green status light from the unit after config.


After your initial config, could you select the AE thru iTunes ? From what I have seen you have been trying to see it in the airport utility. I have mine cleverly named "Living Room" which is available from the bottom right of the iTunes window.


If you haven't done so, try resetting the unit. Also there have been updates to the airport software (at least from the version shipped with mine, bought in May 2008). Once the bundled software is installed see if you can update it.


The fact you can see the AE from the router is good.


Keep up the good fight, there must be a solution forthcoming.


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I believe that I have finally had a breakthrough with the wireless connection! It may have been as simple as moving the router off of my desk that made the difference as I made no other changes during any of my other attempts. I have now been up and running for about 5 days with very few issues. I still get some dropouts from time to time for short periods of time. I have the buffer in iTunes set at maximum, are there any other settings or changes that I should make to increase the reliability of this connection?


I am currently about 70% of the way on importing my collection. I figure I still have several weeks to go before I have it all done. I am glad I went ahead with the RAID setup on my server as I cannot imagine going through this process again!


Thanks to all that have helped me in the past.





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