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Lossless SPDIF audio output from PC @ 24/96?

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Hi, can someone recommend a box that will allow me to send music from lossless PCM files stored on my laptop hard drive to my Benchmark DAC1 (basic version without USB)?


I was thinking of an M-audio transit or Edirol UA-1EX. Is one of these preferred? Is there anything that is a step up from these without going crazy?


I was wondering whether to get a 1394/firewire card and use a firewire to SPDIF converter instead? Some say that this is a better approach for low jitter.


In any of the above cases, I would be using ASIO or whatever tricks are needed to bypass kmixer. If someone has a tried and trusted recipe, I would be very interested to hear about it.


Thanks in advance for any answers.




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I'm using the edirol in my headphone system and it does the job pretty well.

I wouldn't worry about jitter, the Benchmark should be able to handle it pretty well!



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