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FS: Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 & X-PSU v3

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Greetings one and all!


I checked with Chris and he is allowing me to offer you first dib's at my wonderful DAC combo before I send it off to the dreaded eBay.


Up for grabs, my Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3 with X-PSU v3


I bought this DAC combo to replace my Krell KAV-300 CD, which was the best sounding CD player I had ever heard. When the transport went, I began looking into DAC's. My local MF dealer loaned me the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 at first, and I was entranced with the new found details. Took it back ready to buy it, when he offered me the X-DAC v3 to test drive. I did so and at first with the stock wall wart power supply it sounded similar to the 21 but lacked dynamics. Called him up and he told me come collect the X-PSU v3.


Well, the combination of the X-DAC and X-PSU blew away what I had heard from the Tri-Vista 21. Surprised even more to find out that it cost less than the 21.


So with the new X-DAC combo onwards and happy as a clam I went; and have loved it ever since.


So why am I selling it you may ask?


I'm dumb, stupid and a sucker for supporting my local dealer. He called me up to listen to the new Bryston BDA-1.


Well, now I have the BDA-1 on order and need to make space for it.


Care to help me out with my space problem? :)


I paid $1500 for this combo and am willing to entertain offers under $1000. Please feel free to contact me with offers.


MusicalFidelity.com still offers all the tech spec's, but I'm sure most of you know how great this DAC is.


The condition of the units are near mint. Would give it a 9.5 out of 10. Comes with all the stock cables, manuals and box's. They have lived their life connected to a Panamax M5500.


Many thanks for your time.



Drew.[br]Totem Model 1 Signature\'s

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Hi Drew

Very interested to read you had a MF Tri-Vista as I currently own one but will no doubt be upgrading in the near future. My only experience with Bryston was some years back when I was looking for a new amp, it came down to a shortlist of a MF Tri-Vista amp and the Bryston (can not remember the model). The final decision was the MF; this was more to do with the type of music I listen to than the relative abilities of the two amps. I would be interested to hear what you think of the Bryston DAC in relation to the MF, and Good luck with the sale.





Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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Heard both the MF and Bryston amp's and I can see where you would have problems opting with which one to select. I loved the A5 amp over the 3B. Found the 3B to be great for detail but it seemed to lack soul when compared to the A5. Curiously I ended up taking home some Classe gear for a weekend. Now if I could afford two of the CAM-400's, I would gladly give up my current mono blocks.


So now how is it that I preferred the new Bryston DAC over my current X-DAC?


When I get the BDA-1 I will give a full school girl enthusiastic review!






Drew.[br]Totem Model 1 Signature\'s

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