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How important is cable length on digital XLR cables?

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Obviously there are many possible configurations of music servers that may require the use of a long (say 100 ft) digital cable from server to DAC.


What are the technical issues?

Assumming a decent, properly shielded cable, are there significant performance downsides?

For instance, assumming a reasonably clean environment (not a studio with zillions of live cables running parallel), would jitter increase?


The guys at Lynx (I have an AES16) say they have runs up to 500 ft with no problem.

I know the AES specification is intended to accomodate long runs.


Any thoughts?

Anything to worry about?



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This isn't my area of expertise so I can only say what I've heard over the years. Obviously the shorter the better is a common theme. But just as Lynx said, I've had other manufacturers tell me they have run 500 ft XLR cables without issue. If my memory servers correctly an AES digital cable (XLR) is the one to run long if you have a choice versus analog interconnects or speaker cables.


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