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Lies about vinyl vs digital

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21 minutes ago, fas42 said:

In the home of a gent who had close to a SOTA vinyl in the 80's, there was also a CAL CDP. Yes, very easy on the ears, but far too information went missing; I note in a review of the much later CL-10 again this lack of resolution was mentioned, which starts to imply it was the house sound for the brand - the big trick is to combine both retrieval of detail and "organic character", not the easiest combo to make happen.


I agree. I'm not sure how the cl-10 compares to the cl-25.  I really wish those guys were still around, anyway, very low level detail is a little recessed but the dynamics and the overall character is wonderful, but I eventually wanted something more resolving and got the Wadia.   I'm thinking about selling both and trying out the Audio Note CD2.1 but I'm not sure it's worth the hassel.  I don't think I can do better for around 2-3k.  It's a good time to be an audiophile for sure though!


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