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USB Flash Drive Sale thru August

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I bought a 16 GB Corsair from MWAVE two months ago and received it for a real low price including rebate.


Powerbook G4 15 inch Aluminum, \"Fidela,\" M2tech EVO (BNC)with RF attenuator,dedicated PSU, Stereovox XV Ultra (BNC) Audio Note Dac Kit 2.1 Level B Signature Upgraded to 12AU7 tubes, ARC SP-16L Tube preamp , VAC PA100/100 Tube Amp), Vintage Tubes, Furutech ETP-80, (Alon 2 Mk2, (upgraded tweeters, Usher Woofers), Pangea Power cords, Omega Micro Active Planar PC. Signal Cable Silver Resolution ICs.

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At work they just issued some edicts about software. Being that my PCs have tons of software that isn't on the official list, I got paranoid. Guess what I'm gonna do with this lil jewel??? Heh.


Solid state, now that would be too cool.


Hey, I just got a PS3 for the Blueray. Tried the game it came with Metal Gear Solid 4 in 1080p. Looks pretty dang cool compared to my long ago Halo/Duke Nukem days. I die alot. Not much of a gamer anymore, no time. But wireless controls and what a great picture. Gotta hunt down a DVD remote for it now.


OooOOooOOo - for wife's birthday she got a iPhone 3G. I really like it compared to my Blackberry. Much better on internet and attachments. I think I might be able to control iTunes with it, but we're not there yet. Still fiddling with porn, I mean pictures and email.


Dang hurricane coming now - work closed tomorrow it appears.


No worries, maybe it will blow some fish in our pool. At least clean the Spanish moss from the oaks.


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