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Weiss Dejitter Question - Vesta vs HydraC

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Is the underlying dejitter mechanism and performance different from the HydraC to the Vesta?


I don't see any jitter performance numbers on the Vesta to compare.


I know there are other significant differences (firewire for one!) but I am curious about the units strictly as a dejitter-er.





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Vesta and Hydra-C use completely different de-jittering circuits, although both employ a dual PLL scheme, i.e. jitter is suppressed in two stages.


More information on the Hydra-C can be found here:



And about the PLL used in the Vesta / Minerva:








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Thanks Daniel,


Sorry for my technical lameness but here is another question - it seems that the Jetpll dejittering circuitry is new and designed specifically for firewire.


Clearly Hydra circuit is very different.


If I have the option of AES out or Firewire out from PC, can I get similar performance jitter-wise from the Hydra VXCO pll circuit?


Can it be compared apples to apples?




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I guess I will ask the question more straigh-forward -


I cannot afford the Vesta. Perhaps the price is high because of distribution structure, new product, exchange rate, all of the above. I guess I expected a large gap between the Minerva DAC and the Vesta which is only digital "router" and dejitter-er.

I suspect $4200 may be a difficult price tag to swallow if you already have a DAC. Minerva, while higher in price (but not much) seems more value for the money.


Anyway the questions between the Vesta and Hydra are coming about because I could possibly afford the Hydra unit and I want to know if I am going to get to a similar performance level.


I currently have a Lynx AES16 card that I could feed the Hydra with instead of going out firewire.




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I see. Whether the purchase of a Hydra-C makes sense depends on the jitter - rejection capability of your DAC and/or on the jitter performance of the Lynx card.

Maybe you can find out about that with the manufacturers. In the end you may have to test the whole setup to see whether it gets better using the Hydra-C.





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