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This item is SOLD


am selling my Zyxel GS108v3 gigabit switch. I'd rate the condition as 8/10. This was modded by SOtM with the following enhancements:

  1. requires an external 25MHz clock, supplied via SMB cable, by an sCLK-EX board, typically in an Ultra component like the sMS-200ultra or tX-USBultra
  2. upgraded capacitors
  3. upgraded regulators
  4. modded to accept 7V input.


Please note - this is not a standalone device. The target buyer is one either putting together an SOtM trifecta, or a subset. If you buy the switch for the trifecta from SOtM new, the retail price is $300, as per the link.







As a bonus, I will provide a couple of SMB clock cables (one is shown in the picture below):

You, the buyer, can decide which you prefer. The cables together are a $80 value retail.


I'm offering the switch (plus 2 bonus SMB cables) for USD $150, inclusive of free shipping and PayPal (CON US only). International offers will be entertained, but buyer will have to bear the shipping and PP fees.

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 This will only work in a sotm device (sms200ultra or txusbultra) with the master clock option, right?

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No, master clock is an input option.


It needs an Ultra component that has been configured with a 25Mhz SMB clock output.

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