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Play HRx files with amarra.

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Hey guys, maybe someone can help me cause perhaps i'm dumb or i simply don't understand.


I'm trying to play HRX files from the DVD that came with my Berkeley Alpha dac on my macmini.


Here's the deal, copied the first wav track from the hrx dvd to itunes and it WILL play on itunes but amarra stays neutral and won't convert the sample rate and the alpha dac shows 44KHZ. The mac mini is connected to the alpha dac through optical built-in output. Amarra will play 16/44 files no problem but with those 24/176 wave files it wont take over like it should.


Did i make a mistake or did i miss something!


Shunyata Hydra 8 V.II > Shunyata Python > Bolder Cable PSU(Furutech Fuse) > Mac mini(SSD/8Gb/Amarra/Drobo) > Locus Design Nucleus > Wavelength Wavelink > Siltech Golden Ridge BNC > Berkeley Alpha Dac > Shunyata Stratos IC > Audio Research DSI200 > Shunyata Andromeda SC > Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand/Rel Britannia B1.

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