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Squeezecentre with lossless, without Squeeze hardware device

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Up until now I've been using my Apple Mac with AAC encoded versions of my music. I use iTunes because I like the interface and management of music. I've recently started looking at the better quality solutions and I've invested in some decent bookshelf speakers, my next purchase will be a better AMP and a USB DAC.


I realise that the AAC versions of the files will no longer be suitable for the better quality sound setups and I'm looking at how to integrate lossless in to my setup. I have all of my CD's ripped as Apple Lossless from when I first ripped/converted to AAC.


I'd like to maintain my AAC versions of my music on my laptop for when I'm travelling and for syncing with my various iPods and Apple.TV


However, I'd like to be able to get full use of my Lossless files when I'm sitting in my office and my machine is connected to the DAC and AMP setup.


I have around 80GB of lossless files sitting on a Dell Poweredge server connected to my network via CAT5. The Dell does pretty light work, a bit of WebServer work, and, someother light duties.


Is it possible to put something like SqueezeCentre on it and use that as a library for my lossless files without having a Squeeze device? Can I access it through the Softsqueeze software and still make use of the DAC?, or, will this not work?


Any comments? I can't load both libraries to my MacBook as I don't have sufficient room, and, I don't like the idea of having two seperate iTunes libraries that I have to hotkey in and out of. I can't run it as a seperate user because I can't then work and playback music at the same time.


The key to me is retaining the AAC version library on my MacBook for use with the iPOD, but, also being able to have good control and access to the Lossless version when I'm at home.






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Hi - if all of the music is on the server simple enable the sharing of these files and map it as a network drive. You can then just open the files in any music software you please.


Apparently if you hold alt (?) when opening iTunes you can select/create a new iTunes library. This would be useful if you want to run two libraries - one lossless from the server, one aac from the local drive.


I haven't tried this myself though, I only read it.


In regards to building a HiFi system around this a USB DAC and amp is fine, but I personally use AVI ADM9.1 speakers and they replaced my expensive HiFi. They are active speakers with a DAC and pre amp inside. Just plug in a toslink cable and that's the entire system. It sounds fantastic and is very neat. Try and give them a listen and compare them to whichever amp/DAC/etc you also consider.


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I think Darren is on the right track there too.


If the Dell and Mac are both on the network, and if the Dell shares files with the Mac, and if they are both running iTunes you might try pointing the Mac iTunes at the library on the Dell. It sounds about the same to me as having one library on my Mac and another on a network Drobo.


On Mac I think it's the Option key (Alt for Win). Hold it down when you start iTunes and try to browse to the Dells library, connect and away you go. You can choose which set at start up.


The thing I'm not sure about is I generally start by consolidating the libraries. If you have troubles, keep posting and somebody smart might jump in!


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I don't think the SqueezeCentre software is of any use here, and you may have got confused.


You basically just need iTunes v7 onwards and two libraries.


Library 1 can look at your local drive.


Library 2 can look at your master collection on the network.


I did a quick Google on you might hold Shift as you open iTunes, not Alt.


If you run SqueezeCente on Dell you'll have to use a Squeezebox or that awful SoftSqueeze interface.


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I agree the way to go is two libraries, one local and one on the Dell. Innertuber is correct the Dell disk will be just like a Drobo NAS unit. You really wouldn't have to put them on the same subnet. As long as the default gateway is set you are good. you may have to open a port or two on the firewall, but that's no biggie.


What are you thinking right now in terms of the setup?


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