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USB cable with a external run for power/ground

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As indicated by DanRubin the Ridge Street Audio Alethias USB cable is manufactured in this manner.


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If you don't mind dealing with an individual instead of a company, you should send a message to jkeny. He made such a USB cable for me but it hasn't arrived yet, so I can't tell you how it sounds. His modified HiFace, which I have, is well built so the construction of the cable should be okay. It's supposed to arrive next week, and if you're interested I can tell you more about it then. In preparation for its arrival I went to Radio Shack yesterday and bought 4x1.2V batteries and a holder for them. In my experience battery-power provides real benefit over a noisy PC environment.


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That's correct, I'm not doing them anymore. Too much hassle & too many issues from my side & from users side. Not really viable for me (I also only charged €20 & not $300 - maybe that's my problem :)).


But it's an easy modification to a USB cable for anybody that wants to do it themselves.


Dan's was the last one I sent out & that was because I forgot it in my original shipment to him. Thanks for the support Danh :)


Oops, I just realised that I'm probably not supposed to mention any of this as it might be considered self promotion & the forum police could bust me & have it deleted (or worse!). Oh well!


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Yes, correct yoghurt - some improvement can be realised depending on the quality of the computer PS Vs the quality of the externally supplied PS.


It's the most obvious place to start from when looking at USB cables for audio - carrying both power & signals on the one cable is not a great idea for audio, I would suggest. Once these functions are separated one can then test various signal carrying wires & wiring configurations but I'm not sure there's much improvement to be had here.


So people, save yourself $300 & do this modification yourself or send me $300 & I'll do it for you :)


Edit: yoghurtlidlicker :) what name would I know you as so I can tell you if your modified Hiface has already gone out?


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OK you made me search my emails to find you, Adam (I don't look at the email addresses so I didn't know)


Yours is in a box in front of me at the moment & going out in the post tomorrow.


Now I'm out of here as I hear the forum police car siren :)))))))


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I've got just the thing. Use any USB cable, but attach it to one of these:




It's based on the ADUM4160 USB isolator board. Attach 12V SLA battery power and another short USB cable or just a USB gender changer on the other side and you've got a perfectly isolated USB DAC, better than any USB cable. I'm setting this up right now too.


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